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Clock, watch and jewellers hand tools and kits for fine precision work.
143 Watch Clock Repair Tools Storage Case
Avg Price: US$ 69.95
100 Assorted spring bars One Jaxa type case opener 12 Bits for the Jaxa type case opener One Presto
UPC: 696746425575   EAN: 0696746425575

Ggi International WTK19 Piece Tool Kit Clock
Avg Price: US$ 16.99
Deluxe kit includes watchband link pin remover, knife, watch movement holder, adjustable wrench, wre
UPC: 819497009522   EAN: 0819497009522

Etoplike Screwdrivers Kit Repair Tool For Eyeglass Glasses Watch Cellphone Clock 12PCS Travel Pocket
Avg Price: US$ 10.99
Professional eyeglass screwdrivers kit or travel pocket screwdriver set.
EAN: 6946733401186

Jewellers Tools Set Of 2 Clock Winding Keys All Sizes Brass Spider Star Pair Odd and Even
Avg Price: US$ 10.99
10 clock key sizes on two tools.
EAN: 3770692459963

Book: A Catalogue Of Tools For Watch and Clock Makers By John Wyke
Avg Price: US$ 29.99
A reprint of a late 18th century tool catalog with original artwork.
EAN: 9780813907512   ISBN: 9780813907512

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